n the classroom, every teacher knows that the watchwords for a child with attentional deficit problems are routine, repetition and regularity. Attention-challenged children have big problems concentrating, organizing and need lots of teacher help. This often means lots of time spent coming up with ways to increase structure, and that means less time available for teaching the rest of the class.

In order to hold the attention of children with attentional problems teachers need to use behavioral interventions that work. Traditionally these involve time-consuming approaches such as contingency management, teacher prompts, cues and signals to remind students to follow instruction, deadlines and regular reminders, posting rules in a prominent area of the classroom, arranging seating close to the teaching and far from distractions.

However, besides being costly in terms of lost and/or interrupted teacher time, effective and reliable execution of individualized behavioral interventions is difficult to implement due to complex dynamic demands of the classroom environment. As such, it is highly unlikely that a teacher can always identify those times when a particular intervention is appropriate for a particular student.

ClassicAttention is an app that offers an innovative and unique “maximum-effect” model to behavioral contingency management, harnessing the capabilities of Google Glass to bring the process of attention under behavioral control through delivery of a behavior modification regime that conditions attentive behavior. The promise and power of ClassicAttention’s effectiveness derive from the time-honored, time-proven principles of learning and conditioning on which the app is based. These principles were developed in the early 1900′s, have since proven to stand the test of time, and in whose validity there can be no doubt.

ClassicAttention works like the most vigilant classroom teacher, monitoring student visual behavior to determine attentiveness. On-task visual gaze is reinforced with video bytes of pre-recorded positive teacher feedback. Distracted, off-task visual gaze triggers video bytes of teacher admonition that redirect student to on-task behavior.

Thus, ClassicAttention differs from all other forms of behavioral contingency management in two important ways: First, it frees teachers from the dubious task of riding shotgun over a few problem students who demand a disproportionate amount of their time. Second, it delivers user-based, reliable and systematically powerful, on-point teacher feedback at the exact point required: immediately within the context of the behavior under consideration. It does this using a reinforcement schedule scientifically engineered to achieve maximum conditioning and, thus the most enduring behavioral change. This is critically important, and represents the unique key to the power of ClassicAttention.


lassicAttention© is an intervention that fulfills the essential requirements of effective behavioral contingency management. With a central focus of redirecting attention to on-task behavior using explicit instruction, ClassicAttention© helps to train classroom skills, study skills as well as organizational ability. ClassicAttention’s conditioning approach trains on-task, attentive behavior according to the dynamic reinforcement needs of the individual user. Finally, ClassicAttention goes beyond real-time behavioral intervention to include monitoring and reporting the progress of the intervention plan. Best of all, ClassicAttention is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to implement.